Take the guess work out of the design process. Together with your designer you can expect a complete and worry free design from floor to ceiling.

1. Initial Consultation

A professional and caring team of designers, delivery personnel and installers to bring any project from initial idea to completion.

2. Planning & Design

Your designer will take your vision from idea to design concept, usually within 2 weeks. Creating a plan for making your dream space a reality.

3. Follow Up Meeting

Your designer presents a colour rendering, drawings and a preliminary quote for your space. Together, you discuss any necessary revisions, as well as finalize materials, hardware and finishes. W hen you are completely comfortable with the layout, selections and quote, we will get your approval to move forward with the project.
**if you require a copy of the floor plan and/or elevation drawings prior to signing the contract agreement, a retainer fee will be required.

4. Final Measurement

a. Remodel – the designer will meet you at the location to collect detailed measurements
of the space.
b. New construction – once the framing is in place, the job site will be measured and plans
revised to the actual field dimensions.

5. Project Management

Upon completion of design and measurement, the contract is signed and the order is
placed. A 30% deposit is required at this time. You will also receive a full copy of the layout
drawings and specifications.

6. Completing the Project

Your designer will contact you within a couple of weeks with information regarding delivery
and installation timeframes for your project. A Payment of 60% of the project price is due upon
delivery of your product and the final 10% upon completion.

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