Bathroom Vanities for Every Style in Sudbury

For better or worse, your bathroom’s vanity is one of the first and last things you see every day. Ivan’s Kitchen Cabinets offers an assortment of custom-designed vanities to organize your toiletries and offer enjoyment – each morning, and every night. Whether you’re looking for single-sink or double-sink bathroom vanities, we can help you find the one that meets your preferences and pocket. Ivan’s Kitchen & Bath is Sudbury’s choice for bathroom vanities. Visit us today!

Customized Bathroom Vanities

Choosing the right bathroom vanities that you’re going to cherish for a long time may seem hard. That’s where our experts come into the picture. We’ll make a selection after weighing in several factors such as your budget, space available in your bathroom, the colour of your bathroom tiles, and so on. We strive to offer customized bathroom vanities that can inspire you to kick-start your day on a positive note and retire peacefully at night. Some common types of bathroom vanities include:

  • Freestanding vanities like a dresser or cabinet with one or two sinks and with legs
  • Wall mounted or floating vanities mounted directly onto your bathroom wall
  • Under mounted sink vanities that provide a smooth and sleek look
  • Vessel vanities that place the sink basin on top of the counter

There is no need for you to get tangled in names and technicalities. Give us a call, and we’ll take it from there.

Inspiring Bathroom Vanities

Let’s spruce up your bathroom with beautiful bathroom vanities.